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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Truffles are the Black diamonds

Truffles or Terfess in Arabic or Truffes in French are edible body of fungi in the genus Tuber

They r the fruiting body of an underground mushroom earthy tastes

U can find Truffles hiding in the sands especially in Saharian areas

I love Truffles so much

i have the chance to eat Truffles every February , March , April every year because in those months we can collect them

 easily in Special places

for more informations i'am living in easthern of Morocco ,  my city is Jerada , we r very lucky than others to eat Truffles

After collecting Truffles we must wash very well

We can make several  receipes with Truffles , in tajine , couscous or with eggs as well

The good thing they r cheap here

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